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Bay Tree Publishing

A small, independent publisher, Bay Tree produces four to six books a year and also offers a full range of services to authors who are interested in self-publishing and co-publishing options.

The publisher, David Cole, has spent more than thirty years immersed in the book publishing business. An author as well as a publisher, he understands the concerns and expectations that writers bring to the publishing experience. Above all, he has a passion for books, language, the written word, and the process of communication that bridges author and reader.

Bay Tree is open to all subjects, but its primary focus is on trade nonfiction titles in:

  • fiction
  • psychology and health
  • current affairs
  • memoirs and autobiographical works

New & Recent

  • Time It Was: Memoir of a Modern Pioneer

    Time It Was is a journey through the counter-culture life in the 1970s, when the identity of a generation plays out in an enchanting rebellion that sweeps the nation. Civil rights, freethinking, and a whole earth holistic open horizons, as the world of Nixon and the Vietnam War crumbles. And peace and love evolves to become today’s ideals. It is a story of life in the Wild West, of the beliefs and mystique unique to the spaces and lifestyle dominated by the land.

  • Fortnight on Maxwell Street

    Fortnight on Maxwell Street is a reluctant hero's journey of fear and courage set in Chicago in the early spring of 1968. Medical student Nick Weissman spends two weeks delivering babies in the kitchens and bedrooms of the inner-city's slum tenements. Over his head medically, and unprotected in one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, his character and resourcefulness are tested in the extreme when Chicago violently erupts after the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Reaching Montaup

    In the Rhode Island backwater town of Sowams at the base of Mount Hope—or Montaup—a childhood traffic accident has rendered Jate Tavino rattled-up good. Yet Jate gets things more than people suspect. When a local priest molests a young boy, parents conspire, mobsters appear, an “angel” from Providence descends, and the unsaid gets said, and done. And Jate writes it all down in the lyrical distinctive dialect of coastal Rhode Island creating a work of wonder and mystery.

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