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Bay Tree Publishing, Robert Sieben MD, Beyond Survivial

196 pages, 6″ X 9″
ISBN: 9780983617921

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The Colorectal Cancer Survival Guide

by Robert Sieben, MD
Foreword by Eli Glatstein, MD

After receiving medical treatments for colorectal cancer, Robert Sieben, MD, was left on his own to find ways of dealing with the devastating complications. Now, twenty years out, he shares his experience.

Empowered by his medical training and his intense desire to make the most of his life, Sieben developed a range of innovative strategies to manage the socially debilitating symptoms, including urgency and incontinence of both rectal and urinary functions.

Offering hope to the 25 million Americans who suffer similar symptoms from a variety of causes, Beyond Survival describes the day-to-day challenges the author has successfully managed, answers questions patients are often too embarrassed to ask, and offers practical help for regaining quality of life and dignity.

About the Author

Robert Sieben, MD, is a physician in the private practice of neurology, with special competence in child neurology.


“This is an exceptionally valuable book for patients who have had cancer (especially in the pelvis) and their family members. To physicians I strongly recommend this book as required reading.”
—Eli Glatstein, MD, Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Pennsylvania

“A compelling and splendid story, carefully narrated by a physician who becomes a patient and finds an innovative way to deal with a socially disabling disease. A must read for both patients and physicians alike.”
—Johnson Adeyanju, MD, chair of Continuing Medical Education, John Muir Medical Center, Concord, California

“This is a unique, moving and inspiring story of a physician who at the peak of his career and personal life endured the ravages of rectal cancer and the side effects of it’s complex treatment. This book provides hope and courage for those who are faced with this daunting journey and important insights for all those who are involved in caring for them.”
—Samuel C. Oommen, MD, Director, GI Cancer Program, John Muir Health, Walnut Creek, California

“A wonderful and inspiring story with very specific recommendations on how to deal with the issues. So many books float over the ‘how to’ superficially.”
—Andrew Llamas, patient with Crohn’s Disease