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Cult Studies

Bay Tree Publishing - Undue Influence - Patrick O'Reilly - Phyllis Rosen

by Patrick O’Reilly
and Phyllis Rosen

Undue Influence: Cons, Scams and Mind Control identifies the tools and techniques con artists use and the vulnerabilities they look for in victims. Internet scams, Ponzi schemes, real estate rip-offs, weird cults, fortune-telling cons—it’s hard to read the news without finding another example of a successful con artist at work. As the number of cons (and victims) grows, the term undue influence is gaining widespread use.

Bay Tree Publishing, Cults Terror and Mind Control

by Raphael Aron
Pulling back the curtain on the inner working of cults and terrorist organizations, this book shows why these groups directly concern parents, religious, and community leaders.

Bay Tree Publishing, Losing the Way by Kristen Skedgell

by Kristen Skedgell
A riveting and finely crafted true story, Losing the Way recounts how the daughter of East Coast intellectuals was recruited into a well-known rightwing Bible cult, The Way International, where she was manipulated, betrayed, and abused. Skedgell shows how easily an idealistic young person can be swept away by a spiritual quest and the quiet malevolence lurking beneath the religious exterior of a false leader.

Bay Tree Publishing, Take Back Your Life, Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships, Lalich and Tobias

by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias
Cult victims and those in abusive relationships often suffer from fear, confusion, low-self esteem, and post-traumatic stress. Take Back Your Life explains the seductive draw that leads people into such situations, offers guidelines for assessing what happened, and provides tools for getting back on track. Written for the victims, their families, and professionals, this book leads readers through the healing process. A resource list and personal accounts of those who have successfully made the transition to the “normal” world help and inspire.

Bay Tree Publishing, Them and Us, by Arthur Deikman MD

by Arthur J. Deikman, M.D.
Foreword by Doris Lessing
A clinical professor of psychiatry, Arthur J. Deikman, M.D. examines the phenomenon of cult thinking and finds it present in a wide range of institutions—corporate, political, religious and educational. When we draw a clear line between Them and Us—whoever they are—we lose our ability to respond to the challenges of life in the modern world.