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Fortnight on Maxwell Street is a reluctant hero’s journey of fear and courage set in Chicago in the early spring of 1968. Medical student Nick Weissman spends two weeks delivering babies in the kitchens and bedrooms of the inner-city’s slum tenements. Over his head medically, and unprotected in one of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, his character and resourcefulness are tested in the extreme when Chicago violently erupts after the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the Rhode Island backwater town of Sowams at the base of Mount Hope—or Montaup—a childhood traffic accident has rendered Jate Tavino rattled-up good. Yet Jate gets things more than people suspect. When a local priest molests a young boy, parents conspire, mobsters appear, an “angel” from Providence descends, and the unsaid gets said, and done. And Jate writes it all down in the lyrical distinctive dialect of coastal Rhode Island creating a work of wonder and mystery.

Sixth in a series of noir mysteries featuring newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton, Unfinished confronts the question, how much hurt can be repaired when betrayal, kidnapping, and violence touch a person’s life? The story opens with the kidnapping of a young boy—the third such kidnapping within a short period—only now it’s the son of Emma Sheridan, a French émigré, widow of a Vietnam veteran, and someone to whom Samuel owes a huge emotional debt. This time it’s personal.

Bay Tree Publishing - The Halls of Power - William C. Gordon

by William C. Gordon
Fifth in a series of noir mysteries featuring newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton, The Halls of Power explores corruption at the top of the money chain in San Francisco in the early 1960s. True to the genre, the work teems with eccentric characters at every level of society and takes the reader through a roller coaster ride of plot turns.

Bay Tree Publishing - Fractured Lives - William C. Gordon

by William C. Gordon
The body of a well-dressed young man is found in San Francisco’s City Hall. Killed in the middle of the night by multiple gunshots from an unusual foreign pistol, the mystery is further compounded by the fact that the victim had his fingerprints surgically removed. The search for the murderer leads newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton through the mayor’s office, a maze of international conflicts, and into the gritty underground world of gunrunners to Jordan, Israel, and the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

by William C. Gordon
Newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton receives a tip that a human thigh wrapped in a burlap sack marked with the letter M has been found in a trash can at China Basin, a polluted inlet of the San Francisco Bay. Following a convoluted trail of clues he uncovers the dark underbelly of San Francisco’s beatnik and gay communities of the early 1960s. Along the way he encounters a host of shady characters. There are crooked lawyers, union officials, bureaucrats, cops, and, at the center of the mystery, the malignant dwarf preacher Dusty Schwartz who with his dominatrix associate preys on the city’s Latin Community.

by William C. Gordon
This noir mystery, a page turner of murder and suspense set in San Francisco in the 1960s, follows Samuel Hamilton, an ad salesman for the local newspaper, as he investigates the suspicious death of a casual acquaintance and supposed millionaire.

Bay Tree Publishing, Guest House by Barbara K. Richardson

by Barbara K. Richardson
Driving home from work on a summer afternoon, Melba Burns witnesses a nightmare collision. The wreck ends her pursuit of success at any cost. This fast-paced, contemporary novel explores the grace that comes from daring to intervene in a stranger’s suffering. It will appeal to those who have forgotten the power that comes from living simply, and to anyone in their middle years whose life has been hijacked by love.

Bay Tree Publishing, King of the Bottom by WIlliam C. Gordon

by William C. Gordon
The second of William C. Gordon’s noir mysteries featuring newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton, King of the Bottom thrusts the reader into a world at once commonplace and exotic, where disquieting characters harbor dark secrets and revenge boils beneath the surface.