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Time It Was is a journey through the counter-culture life in the 1970s, when the identity of a generation plays out in an enchanting rebellion that sweeps the nation. Civil rights, freethinking, and a whole earth holistic open horizons, as the world of Nixon and the Vietnam War crumbles. And peace and love evolves to become today’s ideals. It is a story of life in the Wild West, of the beliefs and mystique unique to the spaces and lifestyle dominated by the land.

Bay Tree Publishing - Cargiving, Lives Derailed, Eli Cannon

by Eli Cannon

An intimate and personal story, Caregiving: Lives Derailed, recounts the experience of an American couple on the verge of retirement who choose to open their lives as host-parents to a Third World student. When the student is diagnosed with cancer, they bring her into their home for extended caregiving. While the story reaches a happy conclusion, the normal and understandable emotions expressed and the confident and supportive words exchanged, unexpectedly and repeatedly threaten to destroy their well-intentioned caregiving enterprise.

Bay Tree Publishing, Losing the Way by Kristen Skedgell

by Kristen Skedgell
A riveting and finely crafted true story, Losing the Way recounts how the daughter of East Coast intellectuals was recruited into a well-known rightwing Bible cult, The Way International, where she was manipulated, betrayed, and abused. Skedgell shows how easily an idealistic young person can be swept away by a spiritual quest and the quiet malevolence lurking beneath the religious exterior of a false leader.

Bay Tree Publishing, Melissa's Gift by Olin Dodson

by Olin Dodson
A poignant, personal memoir, Melissa’s Gift recounts how a deeply solitary man discovers he has fathered a daughter while traveling years before in Central America. She evokes a capacity to love in him he has never known, even while she slowly wastes from the dreadful disease of cystic fibrosis.

Bay Tree Publishing, Psychiatrist on the Road, Encounters in Healing and Healthcare

by Lawrence H. Climo, M.D.
Laid off at age 65 by the mental health clinic where he served as a senior clinical psychiatrist, Lawrence Climo, M.D., decided he wasn’t ready to retire. He set out on the road, literally and figuratively, taking temporary assignments at medical facilities around the country. His encounters led him to profound insights about patient care, the medical system, and himself.

Bay Tree Publishing, Summit! One Woman's Mount Everest Climb Guides You To Success by Laurie Bagley

by Laurie Bagley
Author and life coach Laurie Bagley provides a road map for personal transformation and achievement that will inspire readers to do what it takes to reach their goals. The sixth United States woman to summit Mount Everest on the harrowing North Col Route, Bagley uses exciting and engaging personal stories from her climb to illustrate her program. The book’s can-do approach details specific steps that move readers forward on their chosen path.