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Bay Tree Publishing – Fractured Lives – William C. Gordon

14.95 trade paperback
240 pages
5.25” X 8”

Fractured Lives

The body of a well-dressed young man is found in San Francisco’s City Hall. Killed in the middle of the night by multiple gunshots from an unusual foreign pistol, the mystery is further compounded by the fact that the victim had his fingerprints surgically removed. The search for the murderer leads newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton through the mayor’s office, a maze of international conflicts, and into the gritty underground world of gunrunners to Jordan, Israel, and the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. Many of the memorable characters and locations from Gordon’s earlier mysteries—Melba, owner of the Camelot Bar on Nob Hill, her willowy daughter Blanche, and tough-talking Bruno Bernardi of the SFPD—reappear in this tightly plotted noir mystery set in San Francisco in the early 1960s.

About the Author

A San Francisco trial lawyer with a long, successful career, William C. Gordon is the author of four noir mysteries that have appeared in 15 languages. He lives in Marin County, California with his wife, Isabel Allende.