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Bay Tree Publishing – Invisible Energy – David B. Goldstein

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224 pages, 6″ X 9″

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Invisible Energy—Strategies to Rescue the Economy and Save the Planet

by David B. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Offering effective tools for addressing the dual crises of climate change and the economy, Invisible Energy demonstrates the huge potential benefits of implementing energy efficiency technology and policies. This book shows how the two major challenges of our time are related, how market failures actually restrict competition, and how they impede the development of energy efficient products. Moreover, because no single trade association benefits from advocating for efficiency, the “hidden energy” of efficient use is a forgotten resource both in comparison to green energy as well as polluting sources. This book shows how thoughtful policies, smart regulations, and new technologies can support a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time fostering greater economic growth, not less.

About the Author

David B. Goldstein, Ph.D., is Energy Program Co-Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council and a MacArthur (“genius award”) Fellow. He is the author of Saving Energy, Growing Jobs. He lives in San Francisco but spends considerable time in Washington, DC advocating for constructive environmental policies.


 “Dr. Goldstein’s book is a must read for all who care about climate change and want to understand what changes must be made in our energy policy to deal with global warming while maintaining a growing U.S. and worldwide economy. Dr. Goldstein pioneered energy efficiency in California and his book explains why energy efficiency has remained invisible elsewhere and what must be done to change that.”
—Dian Grueneich, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission      

“Based on an energy efficiency partnership with the author that is now in its fourth decade, I was expecting to find this book a unique mix of practical insights and visionary leadership.  David Goldstein has exceeded my high expectations, and I hope a wide readership will give him the opportunity to do the same for them.”
— Arthur Rosenfeld, Ph.D, California Energy Commission, founder Center for Building Science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and winner of the Enrico Fermi Award

“… the ultimate advocacy handbook for those who recognize that the success of the green revolution will be measured not merely by the number of more efficient green buildings or technologies but by the number of changed minds.”
—S. Richard Fedrizzi, CEO and Founding Chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council

“… a compelling case for increasing levels of investment in energy efficiency to help heal our economy and the environment.”
—John R. Fielder, President, Southern California Edison

” Invisible Energy shows how America can transform its economy with energy efficiency measures that are good for consumers and good for the environment.”
—Congressman Ed Markey

“If you find the concept of energy efficiency appealing but don’t think it can make more than a small difference in a vast and diversified global economy, prepare to be astonished. David Goldstein will persuade you that you have grossly underestimated how much ‘invisible energy’ efficiency can supply. If we follow his advice we will cut energy bills and trade deficits by hundreds of billions of dollars, improve public health, and end a suicidally irresponsible experiment in disrupting the earth’s climate. And the question won’t be how much it cost us, but rather how much cash we saved on the way to saving something far more precious.”
—From the Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.