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Reaching Montaup cover

$16 trade paperback
306 pages, 6″ X 9″

Reaching Montaup

by J Dominic

When a local priest molests a young boy, parents conspire, mobsters appear, an “angel” from Providence descends, and—evoking Montaup’s brutal colonial past—the unsaid gets said. And done.

In the Rhode Island backwater town of Sowams at the base of Mount Hope—or Montaup—a childhood traffic accident has rendered Jate Tavino, skull-plated, growth-stunted, and rattled-up good. As an adolescent Jate can’t match the mental prowess of his non-identical twin brother Ross, or the physical stamina of his street-wise pal, Pruney Mendoza.

Both Pruney and Ross lament, “Jate don’t get things.” But Jate gets far more than is plate-in-the-head obvious.

And Jate writes it all down: colorfully distorted regional history, hotly debated literature, ethnic religious rituals, tales of the dead, and hush-hush cross-your-heart secrets of the living.

About the Author

Years of cross-country roving have provided J Dominic with the “praspective” expressed by Jate’s dad, “You never get such an up close view as when you’re far away.” Reaching Montaup is Dominic’s first novel.