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Bay Tree Publishing, Summit! One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You To Success by Laurie Bagley

$15.95 trade paperback
143 pages, 6″ X 9″
ISBN: 978-0-9819577-6-0

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Summit! One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You to Success

by Laurie Bagley

Everyone has a dream, but few act on it. Laurie Bagley, life coach and author of Summit! One Woman’s Everest Climb Guides You to Success,responds, “We all have the opportunity to live fully and passionately. We were all born with the possibility of doing something distinctly our own . . . of contributing to the world around us or participating more fully in life.” Summit! is her to-the-point guidebook that will inspire anyone wanting to accomplish a big goal.

Bagley doesn’t just talk about dreams, she shows how to realize them. Her can-do approach details specific steps, and every chapter ends with a “Call to Action” that moves readers forward on their chosen path.

The sixth United States woman to summit Mount Everest on the harrowing North Col Route, Bagley uses exciting and engaging personal stories from her climb to illustrate each step of her program. She brings the reader with her on outdoor adventures—into blizzards, through jungles, and across lakes—creating path to follow for goal achievement. A world class athlete, business owner, mother, and passionate outdoor educator, Bagley sees herself as an ordinary person with tools that can help anyone get where they want to go. She comments, “I learned the skills for turning a big dream into a manageable achievement summiting Everest.” Since then she has been dedicated to showing others, particularly women, that dreams are possible for those willing to do the work. Summit! provides a road map for personal transformation and achievement to turn to for daily help and inspiration.

About the Author

Laurie Bagley has climbed the summits of Everest, Denali, Aconcagua, and Kilimanjaro. She continues to climb part-time, as a guide for Adventures International, while also running her business, Life Journeys, which features motivational speaking, goal setting workshops for corporations and colleges, fitness coaching, and her Everest climb documentary. From 1999 to 2004 Laurie raced on a top ten world class adventure racing team. She won the California Outdoor Hall of Fame Award in 2006, and her story has been featured in The Sacramento BeeSan Francisco Chronicle, Her Sports, andEnjoy Magazine. In addition to television appearances, Laurie has been interviewed on a variety of public and syndicated radio shows. She can be reached at www.lauriebagley.com.


“This exciting book shows you how to set big, inspiring goals, and then back them with desire, discipline and determination.” —Brian Tracy, author ofNo Excuses, The Power of Self-Discipline.

“As an accomplished climber and adventurer, Laurie Bagley did the hard work to fulfill her dream. Her heartfelt advice and wonderful spirit will help you face your own challenges to reach your own personal summits.”
—Erik Weihenmayer, blind adventurer and author of Touch the Top of the World and co-author of The Adversity Advantage.

“Practical, grounded, and inspirational! That’s how I describe Summit! by Laurie Bagley. The book is based on real life experiences that make the point. If you have a clear target of what you want to achieve, a step-by-step plan on how to achieve that target, and most importantly a method of managing your mental and physical resources, then you’re in position to live a richer, fuller life. The logic is sound! The stories are compelling! What would YOU do if you absolutely knew you couldn’t fail? Reading this book may very well give you the answer.
—R. Douglas Carter, President, Carter International Training and Development Company

“In a world inundated with authorities on personal success and achievement, Laurie Bagley stands above the crowd…she’s an expert! She’s been there; she’s done that! Laurie shares an intimate and compelling account of what she experienced physically, mentally and emotionally conquering the highest mountain on the planet, the 6th U.S. woman to summit from the North Col route and stand at top of the world, and perhaps the greatest challenge of all, return safely to live another day!

“Only 20 percent of men and women today ever make a commitment to ascend from a state of becoming to a state of being in their lifetime. Only 1 percent will ever distinguish themselves as Laurie Bagley has by summitting Mt. Everest. Individuals on a personal journey to conquer fear with courage and replace doubt with certainty will gain invaluable wisdom and inspiration reading Summit!. Find out what it takes to conquer your own Everest, to stand at top of the world and put one foot in front of the other.”
—Dr. Jim Wendling, The Wendling Group

“Laurie Bagley’s book uses her thrilling and terrifying journey to the top of the world as a metaphor for life. She deftly weaves between her adventure up Everest’s North Face and down-to-Earth life tips. It’s a thrilling ride!”
—Francis Tapon, author of Hike Your Own Hike