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The Ugly Dwarf post image

14.95 trade paperback
240 pages
5.25” X 8”

The Ugly Dwarf

by William C. Gordon

Newspaper reporter Samuel Hamilton receives a tip that a human thigh wrapped in a burlap sack marked with the letter M has been found in a trash can at China Basin, a polluted inlet of the San Francisco Bay. Following a convoluted trail of clues he uncovers the dark underbelly of San Francisco’s beatnik and gay communities of the early 1960s. Along the way he encounters a host of shady characters. There are crooked lawyers, union officials, bureaucrats, cops, and, at the center of the mystery, the malignant dwarf preacher Dusty Schwartz who with his dominatrix associate preys on the city’s Latin Community.


“Solving a crime is never superior to the mystery that creates it,” said Jorge Luis Borges. But in this mystery novel, the solution is so successful that it is on a par with the mystery that provokes it, or maybe it is even more important.” —Dr. Celia Correas Zapata, Profesora Emerita de Literaturas Latinoamericanas, San Jose State University

About the Author

A San Francisco trial lawyer with a long, successful career, William C. Gordon is the author of four noir mysteries that have appeared in 15 languages. He lives in Marin County, California with his wife, Isabel Allende.